Solterra Product Innovations

Solterra will be producing and distributing a Thin Film Quantum Dot PV Solar Cell, which is differentiated from other traditional PV cells by a unique technology that can result in lower cost, higher efficiency, and broader spectral performance.

Solterra's Quantum Dot Solar Cell can achieve a dramatically lower manufacturing cost per watt in part, because we can manufacture our own quantum dots using a patent pending, revolutionary process that results in the production of extremely desirable, high quality tetrapod quantum dots at a cost savings in excess of 95%. To our knowledge Solterra is the only solar cell manufacture to date that does not rely on outside suppliers for its primary ingredients. Our third generation quantum dot solar cells do not require custom made, expensive ,nor complex, processing equipment, and we do not use costly silicon or rare earth elements such as indium. Solterra instead will rely on low-cost screen printing and/or inkjet techniques applied to inexpensive substrates. Quantum Dot Solar Cells have extremely high potential efficiency, having demonstrated the production of multiple excitons from a single electron. This phenomonon is the key to exponential increases in conversion efficiency. Quantum dot solar cells also have the ability to harvest light energy in the infrared and ultraviolet spectra leading to better low light collection efficiency and the potential to continue harvesting energy even when little or no visible light is present.

Solterra's Solar cells will come to market competitively priced with the opportunity to reduce prices even further as economies of scale come into effect. Additionally we believe our quantum dot manufacturing capability and print based cell manufacturing process will enable the rapid deployment of additional manufacturing sites across the globe.